Who is Mutable

Mutable, Inc. provides solutions for the management, protection and distribution of digital media. As a product focused joint venture, Mutable derives deep experience from its parent companies:

Mutable at CES

Mutable is an exibitor at CES 2007, Jannuary 8-11, Las Vegas.

Visit us in the Las Vegas Hilton at booth #54,019 or contact us to arrange a meeting.


OpenIPMP is the most mature and successful open source and open standards based DRM solution. Portable to any desktop, server or embedded platform, OpenIPMP is the most complete, flexible, and affordable DRM solution available. In addition to its native support for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and ISMA (including streaming) it is also easily adaptable to virtually any other frame-based media format (including mp3, ogg, and proprietary formats etc).

Download OpenIPMP >>

Download OpenIPMP Product Sheet (PDF) >>

3ivx Plug-ins with DRM

Mutable and 3ivx have partnered to provide ISMA compliant DRM-enabled MPEG-4 AVC plug-ins for leading media players. Compatible with Mutable’s OpenIPMP License Server, these plug-ins allow content distributors to:

  • Target multiple platforms (Win / Mac / Linux) with the same content file
  • Provide subscription, pay-per-view, permanent dload & rental models
  • Allow users to consume content in popular players such as Microsoft’s Windows MediaPlayer and Apple’s Quicktime Player

Download 3ivx Plug-ins Product Sheet (PDF) >>

OMA 2.0 DRM Solution

Mutable’s OMA 2.0 compliant DRM solution provides mobile handset manufacturers, carriers, and content distributors with proven protection for high value content. This open standard based DRM enables commerce while preventing piracy and preserving user-friendliness.

Download OMA 2.0 Product Sheet (PDF) >>

Hosted Internet Media Platform (IMP)

Mutable is partnering with VisualPlant, DVLabs, and 3ivx to create the most robust and scalable end-to-end hosted and integrated solution for

  • Digital Asset Mgmt (DAM)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital Rights Mgmt (DRM)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN).

Download Hosted Internet Media Platform Product Sheet (PDF) >>

Mutable Professional Services

Mutable's deep experience in DRM and digital media management and distribution can also be leveraged by its clients for strategic technical consultation and other professional services. Mutable offers custom technical solutions based on its core DRM SDKs to address a variety of needs, including:

  • Custom integrations
  • Non-standard or proprietary implementations
  • DRM for new markets (or markets outside of media & entertainment)
  • Development of enhanced or customized features
  • Tamper-proofing / hardening

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